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Pine Grove Citizens,

By now everyone is well aware of the current virus epidemic taking place throughout the world and more importantly how it is affecting all of us here in Pine Grove.  The latest has come yesterday from the Governor who put Schuylkill County in a Stay at Home status.  Basically, this means you are to stay in your home except to take care of essential tasks to maintain health and safety.  (see the Stay at Home Guidance on the borough website).  We know this is a major event that has impacted all of us.  Many people off from work, businesses closed and kids not going to school.  The Stay at Home order is so far according to the experts at the highest levels of state and federal government and medical leaders as the best way to contain and eliminate the virus.  Social distancing is another best practice that will help to slow the virus and prevent it from spreading.

Our borough emergency management team is tied into the county and state offices who provide updated information on the latest status of the virus.  The borough office has modified its hours and is no longer open to the public.  However, you can still get information and request assistance from the borough by calling and email.  Someone will be able to respond with your concerns in an expeditious manner.  Same goes for police.  If you have any issues that require emergency police help call 911.

We know this is a unique experience for most of us.  We know from history that our country has always risen to the occasion to overcome catastrophic events that go back to the Civil War, the Depression, World War 2, 9-11 and many others.  We will get through this and be stronger for it.  April is going to be a tough month.  Schools have been shut down indefinitely as our local school district is looking for ways to have teachers deliver instruction via the internet.  Many of us may start to feel like we are on house arrest.  This is the time to be creative and find activities that will help you get through your daily lives.  Get the kids engaged in positive activities.  Practicing good social distancing, check on your friends and neighbors.  Don’t hesitate to help others and inform the appropriate offices if you need assistance.  Don’t feel like you have no one to help. Our borough is ready to assist all our citizens.

Finally, as we all continue going through this process, remember all those first responders, medical personnel, businesses, churches, nonprofit groups and many other volunteers who are at the forefront to help us.

Will Shiffer                                                                                                   Tom Fickinger
Mayor                                                                                                           Council President

Pine Grove Borough is a municipality moving into the new age of technology while still keeping our small town charm alive. This website is our newest attempt to reach out to the public and share information as well as upcoming events and we are hoping we can meet your expectations.
This website has been set up by the Pine Grove Borough Council, the Mayor, and the never ending contributions and dedication of the employees and staff of the Borough and is intended to be a positive resource for all of our citizens and visitors.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
For more detailed statistics, click on the following helpful links:,_Schuylkill_County,_Pennsylvania

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