Pine Grove Borough

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Pine Grove Borough completed the replacement of water lines on S.R. 443 also know as South
Tulpehocken Street. Pine Grove Borough just had loan settlement with PennVest on Wednesday,
December 26th for the remaining project list items listed below:
Contract No. 10 Structural / Mechanical — Corrosion Control Modifications to Existing Control Building
Contract No. 11 Electrical – Corrosion Control Modifications to Existing Control Building plus Electrical
Work at New Tank and Existing Tank Rehabilitation and SCADA work
Contract No. 13 Structural/Mechanical New Water Tank
Contract No. 14 Structural/Mechanical Existing Water Tank Rehabilitation

Please see below the different documents to help you understand the project a little better.  You may also stop in to the Borough Office to view the Propose Water Project Map for locations, etc.

Water Tank Schedule

Pine Grove Water Line Project Categorical Exclusion Request

DEP Approval of Project Categorical Exclusion Request


Ordinance 452

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