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Borough Council Committees


Administration, Budget & Finance Committee

Thomas Fickinger*, Leroy Bates
        * Provides oversight on Borough administration and financials
        * Monitors current spending against budget and forecasts
        * Works with other committees to develop annual budgets, and multi-year financial plans

Personnel Committee

Leroy Bates*, Thomas Fickinger
        * Borough personnel, policies and procedures
        * Management of Commission and Board appointments
        * Employee contracts and contract negotiations

Public Works Committee

Tom Fickinger*, Leonard Clark, Rodney Hiester
        * Infrastructure maintenance (facilities, streets, water system)
        * Liaise with borough representatives on PGJTA
        * Coordinate streetlight maintenance with PP&L
        * Engineering

Police Regionalization Committee

Tom Fickinger, Leroy Bates
        * Work with Pine Grove Township on agreement for Police Regionalizatizon
        * Educate Residents on the Police Regionalization

Property & Natural Resources Committee

Leroy Bates*, Elaine Holley, Skip Butler
        * Care and supervision over all Borough buildings and real estate
        * Develop and maintain leases for Borough property
        * Seek and develop revenue-generation opportunities for Borough resources

Flood Mitigation Committee

Leonard Clark*, Thomas Fickinger, Skip Butler
        * Work with the Upper Swatara Watershed Association and other organizations on flood mitigation activities
        * Coordinate grant activities for flood mitigation projects
        * Develop short-, mid-, and long-term strategic plans to minimize the impact of flood events

Public Safety Committee

Skip Butler*, Elaine Holley, Rodney Hiester
        * Emergency management coordination
        * Provide oversight of borough police department (working in conjunction with Mayor-in accordance with Borough Code)
        * Liaise with borough volunteer fire departments and ambulance services
        * Oversight of borough health officer
        * Code enforcement

Community Development, Parks and Recreation

Leonard Clark*, Leroy Bates
        * Work with citizens, community organizations and businesses to improve the vitality and quality of life of the community
        * Develop and manage borough recreation facilities (pool, playgrounds, parks)
        * Liaise with other community organizations on park usage, development and maintenance

Storm Water Committee

Leonard Clark*, Thomas Fickinger, Leroy Bates
       * Development and manage a new storm water drainage system for borough
        * Work with Engineers on storm water drainage plan
        * Provide policy guidance and support stormwater management issues and reduce disruption of the natural water balance.
        * Protect public health from impairments caused by urban stormwater runoff.
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