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Rental Inspection Services

In an effort to maintain the quality of life for all Pine Grove Borough residents, Borough Council enacted Ordinance 402, otherwise known as Rental Property Ordinance. The Ordinance encourages owner of rental units maintain and improve the quality of the residential rental units within the Borough. This is done through the registration and biennial inspection of all residential rental units.  In order to allow for the sensible administration of the Rental Inspection Program, the Borough took the list of know rental units and split them into two manageable groups. The inspections will alternate between the groups on a yearly basis. The Borough has prepared several documents for the administration of the Rental Inspection Program. Please see below.

The General Guidelines for Rental Occupancy Permits check Sheet is  a general outline of the requirements for a safe an sanitary rental unit. Owners are encouraged to do a  pre-inspection walkthrough of their units so as to identify any possible deficiencies prior to the formal inspection.


The Inspection Request Form will be used anytime there is a need for the property owner to request an inspection of the rental unit(s) by the Borough. This form will need to be filled out and returned to the Borough, along with the fees to cover the costs of the inspection prior the scheduling of an inspection.

Inspection Request Form

The Occupancy Report for will be  used whenever there is a change in the tenants or ownership of a given rental unit.

2020 Occupancy Report-Tenant

Ordinance 402

Resolution # 11-18,  Rental Inspection Fee Schedule

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